Soon To Be Fired SportsCenter Host: ESPN Should Focus On *GASP* Sports

Soon To Be Fired SportsCenter Host: ESPN Should Focus On *GASP* Sports

People have long gotten tired of all the politics and social justice warrioring on sports broadcasts. There are plenty of liberals who do not want to hear it. They just want sports. If they were advocating conservative views (not that they would or do), I wouldn’t want to hear it. Wrong forum for it.

(Mediaite) Sage SteeleESPN‘s new SportsCenter morning co-host, wants the network to pivot from discussing political issues and return to focusing on sports coverage — a move that many conservative viewers have called for.

“I do believe that people come to [ESPN] for their sports. Not everybody agrees with me on that, not everybody I work with agrees with me. That’s my personal opinion, that that’s where we go to escape,” Steele told the New York Post.

SportsCenter used to be the best, as did ESPN. The SJW stuff has gotten worse, and I can’t even tune in anymore. has gone down this road, too, making it virtually unreadable. It doesn’t help that the coverage of the NHL has become virtually nill, and coverage of other sports has drastically decreased at sports sites.

However, Steele did add that there are exceptions to this, including the debate over Colin Kapernick‘s lack of employment. “When there is an obvious crossover, like Colin Kaepernick, that is a different situation, and we will have in-depth discussions beforehand to talk about the proper way to handle it,” the host said.

“I do not look forward to discussing [Kaepernick] on SportsCenter, I really don’t,” Steele added on the topic during an interview with the Washington Post.

The problem here is that it is constant, and there are constant viewpoints and Pronouncements. A little bit is one thing. It’s constant.

The changes Steele has made to SportsCenter include focusing on showing sports highlights and doing more analysis, changes Steele framed by saying, “we are going to be doing things a little bit differently” and “people don’t watch SportsCenter to hear about Charlottesville.”

No, we don’t. That’s what the news is for. But, you know ESPN will continue doing this stuff as they have this and that human interest story which have all sorts of spreading awareness messages and SJW stuff entwined.

(Fox News) Steele, who has never been afraid to voice her opinions, hopes to see ESPN’s style revert to the days when Dan Patrick and Keith Olbermann hosted “SportsCenter” — and coverage revolved around sports.

“As a viewer, I want to see the highlights, I want to hear from Rich Hill,” said Steele. “That’s what I want as a viewer, and that’s what I believe most viewers want when they turn to ESPN, is less of this.”

Of course, it’s too late for ESPN, as a good chunk of the population has tuned ESPN out, and will only come back for brief appearances of certain sporting events. They won’t sit around for the other stuff.

And, with this pronouncement, Steele’s days at ESPN are surely numbered, as she isn’t toeing the SJW line.

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