Sports Media Liberals Denounce the Diamondbacks

Not even in a faculty lounge at the UC Berkeley Sociology Department could you expect to find a more unbreathable atmosphere of sanctimonious political correctness than in the sports media. This could be because sportswriters and broadcasters tend to be guys who want to devote their lives to sports, yet never had any talent for playing or coaching. This produces the festering self-hatred upon which liberal ideology thrives.

Topping even Bob Costas (see here and here) as the most annoying among sports media moonbats is the failed MSNBC propagandist Keith Olbermann. It fills me with pride that recently the sports media in general and Olbermann in particular have been focusing their ire on my favorite team, the Arizona Diamondbacks.

The primary sin of the Diamondbacks is that they play in Arizona, the geographic Emmanuel Goldstein of P.C. leftists. More specifically, a Diamondbacks pitcher drilled racially correct dreadlocked media fave Andrew McCutchen of the Pittsburgh Pirates in the back in apparent retaliation for a Pirates pitcher breaking the hand of Arizona’s best player by far, the annoyingly (to liberals) wholesome Paul Goldschmidt.

This sort of retaliation is a traditional part of the game. In this case the payback was particularly warranted, considering that last year, the Pirates did the same thing to Aaron Hill – that is, broke his hand with an inside pitch. Hill was a main driver of the Diamondbacks offense; he had recently hit for the cycle twice in one season. He was out for ages, and has been mediocre since his return. Goldschmidt is expected to be out for the rest of the season; hopefully he will be able to return to his MVP-level play next year.

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The political issue here isn’t just that progressives hate anything to do with the state that produced Barry Goldwater. The Diamondbacks have been labeled the “dirtiest team in baseball” because they play the game according to old school principles. These principles are anathema to liberals, who won’t be happy until Nerf equipment is used and every game ends in a tie. Already recent rule changes they have inflicted have taken the fun out of plays at the plate – supposedly to protect catchers from injury, but enraging Diamondbacks catcher Miguel Montero.

Kudos to the Diamondbacks and to anyone else who gets under the skin of the liberal weenie sports media.

Unless the sight of him sets your teeth on edge, watch Olbermann squawk (skip to 1:55):

You heard correctly. The quintessential annoying gray-haired child is calling other people “annoying children.”

As for his “headhunting” accusation, it is a lie. No one has been getting intentionally beaned.

Olbermann has found reason to denounce the Diamondbacks before. In the past he complained that there are too many whites on the team.

You’ve got to love a team that is hated by Keith Olbermann, no matter how lousy a season they may be having.

On a tip from Varla. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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