Swimmers pulled out of nasty Olympic water when it becomes “cloudy and soupy” [VIDEO]

Swimmers pulled out of nasty Olympic water when it becomes “cloudy and soupy” [VIDEO]

By all accounts, the swimming water in Rio at the Olympics was disgusting, if not downright dangerous. The Australian swimmers were pulled out of the main training pool by their coach because the water was “cloudy and soupy.” The bathrooms and the rooms were also filthy. The conditions in the athletes’ village were just deplorable. Again, the Australian coach delayed his team’s arrival because he said the rooms were uninhabitable. The athletes were in real fear of contracting infections while in Rio. The beaches are full of garbage and they were told to not put their heads under water when at the beach or risk a bacterial infection.


From the Daily Mail:

Australian swimmers were pulled out at the main training pool at the Rio Olympics Aquatic Centre over fears of infection after the water turned ‘cloudy’ and ‘soupy’.

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Swim coach Michael Bohl felt he had to pull his swimmers – including dual world champion Mitch Larkin and Emma McKeon – from the pool on Thursday after the quality of the water concerned him.

‘That pool looked really cloudy,’ Bohl said.

The beaches were full of garbage and they even fished a dead body and a severed arm out of the water there in Rio before the athletes arrived. It’s one thing to compete for a gold medal, it’s something else to risk your life while doing it. Coaches compared the facilities to a camp site… there were plumbing and electrical issues. One day the hot water would work, the next is didn’t. After the millions dumped into this event, you’d think it would be far different than this, but I suspect as corrupt as it is there, a lot of those funds wound up lining pockets. Some rooms were flooded with God only knows what. Olympic athletes were told not to put their heads under water at Guanabara Bay, which hosted the triathlon, sailing and some swimming events. Competitors have also been told to keep their mouths shut when competing in the water. A study has shown viral levels in the bay is up to 1.7 million times what would be considered worrisome in the United States or Europe. The next Olympics held, could we do it somewhere other than a third world hellhole?





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