Ticket Prices Collapse as NFL Shovels Money at Commissioner Roger Goodell

Ticket Prices Collapse as NFL Shovels Money at Commissioner Roger Goodell

Roger Goodell has been doing such a great job as NFL commissioner that the league extended his contract another 5 years. He could pull in $40 million per year. Meanwhile, this is what his refusal to demand that players refrain from theatrical displays of disrespect during the national anthem is doing to ticket sales:

[T]ickets for Sunday’s matchup between the Buffalo Bills and Indianapolis Colts sold for as little as $2. (Yes, you read that right.) Even the stadium’s best seats — in the lower part of the stadium near the 50-yard-line — were selling for just $29. Tickets at that level typically sell for hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

That was the ticket scene across the NFL on Sunday. Tickets for the Carolina Panthers game went for a little as $7, while fans could see the Green Bay Packers for as cheap as $12. …

Tickets to see the Dallas Cowboys later this month are going for as little as $10…

Television ad revenue is tanking.

Good thing Goodell has the NFL playing regular season games in places like London and Mexico City. Americans are getting tired of being spat on by America-hating goons with the commissioner’s approval.

But being a moonbat who panders to Black Lives Matter militants earns Goodell the approval of the liberal establishment, which is enough to keep him in the cushy position that he has milked for over $200 million since 2006, even as the NFL goes into decline on his watch.

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