Touching, unseen photos of George and Barbara Bush before the Super Bowl

Touching, unseen photos of George and Barbara Bush before the Super Bowl

I absolutely love the Bush family and I’m not afraid to admit it. George H.W. Bush is the cutest little old man I’ve ever seen and it melts my heart to see him and Barbara together.

Seeing these pictures of them together at the Super Bowl is absolutely adorable. If you need a political pick-me-up, this is the story for you.


From the Independent Journal Review:

America fell in love again with George and Barbara Bush last night as they emerged from a tunnel at the Super Bowl to deliver a heartwarming coin toss. The moment was particularly touching due to reports of the Bushes’ recent health struggles.

George even had a tear in his eye as the couple was wheeled out to the 50-yard line while uproarious cheers filled the stadium.

What tens of millions watching on television did not get to see was what America’s most adorable couple was doing behind-the-scenes before the toss.

Thanks to photos from a source, who wishes to remain anonymous, we can see how the couple behaved while waiting in the tunnel before being brought out onto the field. In their private moment of preparation, they behaved exactly as you would expect…

They held hands.


I absolutely love this! They are so adorable together. Shout-out to H.W. for the patriotic socks. Best Super Bowl ever!

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