UFC Fighter Loses Control Of Bowels During Fight But Keeps Sense Of Humor Over It [GRAPHIC VIDEO]

UFC Fighter Loses Control Of Bowels During Fight But Keeps Sense Of Humor Over It [GRAPHIC VIDEO]

This is something I had not considered happening in a UFC fight. Justine Kish was facing off with Felice Herrig in Oklahoma City. During the bout, she had an accident on the mat of the bathroom variety. Ick. And it’s not the first time this has happened to a fighter either. But I gotta say, she’s got a heck of a sense of humor. She lost the match unanimously, but sent out a tweet afterwards: “I am a warrior, and I will never quit #ShitHappens haha be back soon.” Yes, it certainly does.

Kish darn near passed out during the fight during a choke hold, but held on. She’s definitely a fighter in every sense of the word. She took defecating on the mat in stride and with a very good attitude. The strawweight shrugged off the accident as she pledged to return to the Octagon. The video is graphic, but somehow not surprising. It may not have occurred to me before that this could happen, but it makes sense.

From HuffPost:

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Justine Kish pooped herself during her UFC strawweight match Sunday ― and she owned it like a champ.

“S―t happens” Kish tweeted Monday after video circulated of her leaving excrement on the mat while she struggled during a defeat to Felice Herrig in Oklahoma City.

Here’s the footage. It’s pretty gross and apparently not the only fecal episode in MMA.

MMA Junkie reported that Kish was once within seconds of losing consciousness during the bout but did last its entirety. She lost by unanimous decision.

You have to admire her competitive spirit.

Kish appeared to lose control of her bowels while escaping a rear-naked choke in the third round, per Patrick Redford of Deadspin. Fellow UFC fighters Chas Skelly and Tatiana Suarez tweeted their full support of Kish. As I said, Kish isn’t the first… MMA fighter Travis Wolford also had an episode in a heavyweight cage fight with Daniel Cooper in 2014.

Herrig dominated the fight and all three judges gave her the match. Her outstanding take down technique and relentless attempts to force a submission won the day and the fight. Kish was undefeated until this match, but she didn’t give it up easily.

According to UFC referee John McCarthy, had the defecation been discovered on the mat during the fight, it would have been stopped with Herrig awarded a technical knockout victory. Funny, I don’t see how you could miss seeing that. This won’t stop Kish, she will be back after the first loss of her career and I wager the mat will stay pristine.

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