Video: The Worst Mixed Martial Arts Fights In History

Video: The Worst Mixed Martial Arts Fights In History

Back when professional boxing actually had a following, it was known as “the sweet science.” While certainly there were, and still are, copious bad examples of the craft on offer in the 1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s and 1980’s, there were also great examples of athleticism and technique. You can’t watch an old Sugar Ray Leonard fight, for example, and not see the beauty in an admittedly brutal sport.

worst mma fights

Boxing seems to have largely given way to UFC in modern times for the lion’s share of the prizefighting market, and because UFC is a much more freewheeling athletic endeavor with many more ways to win you’d think there’s a greater opportunity for athletic expression than boxing contained – and sometimes that shows up in the ring. There have indeed been some classic UFC bouts in the sport’s relatively short life span.

But other times, the end product isn’t the best. And in this hilarious video, we see that sometimes, even championship-level UFC fights aren’t a whole lot more artistic than your average throw-down in a bar parking lot.

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