The Wife of Detroit’s QB Just Sent a Message to Husband’s NFL Colleagues Disrespecting the Anthem

The Wife of Detroit’s QB Just Sent a Message to Husband’s NFL Colleagues Disrespecting the Anthem

The wife of Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford had a critical message for his fellow football players who are not standing for the National Anthem before games.

Kelly Stafford took to Instagram to vent her frustrations with those who she believes are looking at things the wrong way and disrespecting the very song that proves that we’re a country who never ceases to better itself.

“If you think the country can be better, stand for the ideal. If you think the answer is people showing unity, stand with them. The anthem is not the national police song. The anthem is not the national racists song. The anthem is an exercise in how this country can endure and rise, how we can agree on its future potential, even while struggling with its present.”

She acknowledged that she was going to receive some flak for her opinion, but she continued because she believed her message was one of unity and true patriotism.

“Let’s stand united against terrorists, against racism, against white supremacists, against killing of cops, against police brutality, against sex slave trafficking… against anything that is not the ideal for this country.”

And then she dropped the “G”-word, God. That’s going to anger a lot of people, but she is not shy about her religious beliefs and the part they play in her pro-American argument.

“Let’s unite in the fact that God made us all unique and different and that is something we should cherish. You can disagree with me and that is totally ok… let’s use this forum to discuss (not yell at each other) and listen to one another.”

She is absolutely right. We’re never done growing as a country, and there is a respectful way of raising your issues where people will actually want to listen to what you have to say instead of being put off by their tactics.

Do you support Kelly’s message?

H/T: Independent Journal Review

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