Bannon: Elites Are Committing ‘Economic Hate Crime’ Against Working-Class Americans [VIDEO]

Bannon: Elites Are Committing ‘Economic Hate Crime’ Against Working-Class Americans [VIDEO]

In a recent interview with Charlie Rose for 60 Minutes, Steve Bannon, the returning editor of Breitbart News, is saying that the left-wing are committing an “economic hate crime” against blue collar American citizens by attacking the country’s industrial backbone.

Bannon believes that the elites in Silicon Valley, Hollywood and Washington D.C. are able to profit comfortably at the expense of the working class. The former White House Chief Strategist left Trump’s administration in August and is gearing up again to put what he believes are the country’s interests back in the wider eye of the public. Recently, Bannon met with the Mercer family who will be funding the next step for Breitbart. I’m a bit uncomfortable with the notion of a political group relying on a well-heeled backer, but it might be the only way to push back against the extremely well-funded left.

On the topic of Trump, Bannon said that he knew Hillary would lose when he saw her speech last summer on the alt-right (in which I’m happy to say Hillary personally denounces an article that I wrote). It’s been quite the journey since Bannon started working with Trump, who at the time they combined forces, Trump was suffering a double-digit deficit in the polls.

Talking about the country at large, Bannon says:

“America does not think it’s a racist country. You saw [that] in Houston. This is the greatest country in man’s history in how we pull together. People don’t think they’re racist… and [Hillary] is up there with identity politics at the time when elites in this country have had an economic hate crime.”

I’m guessing that economic hate crime was an idea floated when Bannon was still in Trump’s offices, but wasn’t catchy enough to be included in a Trump speech.

Bannon has good reason to be snippy about the Hollywood left. After he took his quiet leave from the White House, Rosie O’Donnell told Steve to “shove a tiki torch” up a part of his anatomy that tiki torches shouldn’t be shoved. Michael Moore, who is bound to come out as transgender any day now, wrote that Bannon was leaving because Trump was “able to defend white power all on his own,” now.

You will never convince me that this man is not going to come out as transgender any day now.

Speaking about Hillary again, Bannon said that at the time, Hillary “had been with all her fat cats in the Hamptons and Silicon Valley doing nothing but raising money the entire time” and then comes out and gives her “Breitbart, Bannon, white supremacist, alt-right speech.” Steve said when he heard that she planned on delivering a speech tying those things together, he told his war room: “We got her… she’s done.”

Backing up his idea of an economic hate crime, Bannon believes that economic populism will be what brings Americans together.

You can watch part of Bannon’s interview here.

Margaret M.

Internet Specialist at Warfare Media.

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