CHANGE OF HEART: Justice Ginsburg Is TIRED Of How Things Are On The Left…

CHANGE OF HEART: Justice Ginsburg Is TIRED Of How Things Are On The Left…

You know things have gotten bad when one of the most reliably liberal Justices on the Supreme Court calls out their own side.

It turns out that conservatives and Republicans aren’t the only ones who are tired of watching Democrats go out of their way to make things difficult for President Trump.

During her remarks at Georgetown University, Ruth Bader Ginsberg recalled a simpler time when liberals and conservatives could have an honest, intellectual debate, but come together when it really mattered:

“What I remember was the collegiality, the civility of those hearings, that entire process. For Justice Breyer who came one year after, it was pretty much the same — a collegial atmosphere. Watching the most recent confirmations, I wish there was a way that we could wave a magic wand and get back to the way it was and the way it should be.”

Now, Ginsberg and I don’t have a whole lot that we agree on politically, but it’s clear to everyone in America that things are reaching the breaking point. We refuse to focus on things that matter in favor of nitpicking the minutiae in hopes of scoring some political points. Politicians are motivated by spite instead of their constituents. What should and could be civil, rational debates, devolve into screaming matches where the winner is whomever gets the last word.

As an example of two people who can fiercely disagree and still enjoy each other’s company, Ginsberg discussed her relationship with the late Judge Antonin Scalia. I can’t think of any two people who are more opposed to each other, yet got along like family.

Unfortunately, I think things are going to have to get worse before they get better. Unless Dr. Phil has a stage big enough for the entire country, we’re in for a bumpy ride.

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