ACLU Sues Indiana Governor Mike Pence For Refusing Syrian Refugees

The ACLU is very upset over the civil rights violations of people who aren’t Americans and have no Constitutional Rights. But, we should wonder, is this really about civil rights? Or something else?

(USA Today) Gov. Mike Pence is facing a federal lawsuit that challenges his power to block Syrian refugees from resettling in Indiana.

The lawsuit, filed Monday night, accuses Pence of violating the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution by accepting refugees from other countries but not those from Syria. It comes a week after the Indiana governor — and more than a dozen from other states — suspended the resettlement of Syrian refugees in the state following terrorist attacks in Paris.

The complaint was filed Monday night in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Indiana by the American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana on behalf of Exodus Refugee Immigration, an Indianapolis non-profit organization that resettles refugees in Indiana. John Wernert, secretary of the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration, which oversees refugee settlement in the state, is the other defendant named in the lawsuit.

They aren’t American citizens. They have no rights. There is, though, this pesky thing called the 10th Amendment, which gives all power to the people and states that is not specifically given to the federal government, and the Constitution does not specifically give los Federales the power to force States to take in refugees, particularly those who have the potential to be hardcore Islamists, since these so-called background checks really do not accomplish much. Pence would be happy to take them once “the federal government addresses the security gaps acknowledged by the FBI and Department of Homeland Security with regard to refugees from Syria, and as governor I will continue to put the safety and security of Hoosiers first.”

According to the 13-page complaint, Pence’s decision also caused some financial harm to Exodus, which receives federal money to aid refugees resettling in the state. The funds, which are funneled through state agencies, are spent on employment training, English language education and other services, according to the ACLU of Indiana.

Oh, so it’s really all about the money. Los Federales have approved 19 Syrians for relocation to Indiana, and, Exodus will have to use it’s own money to help out, and there would be no reimbursement. As the old saying goes “if the question is why, the answer is money.”

Meanwhile, super friendly Canada has said it will only accept children, women, and families from Syria, no unaccompanied men. The young fighting age men tend to make up the majority of those who are streaming out of the Middle East and into Europe, as well as attempting to come to Canada and the U.S.

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