Members of Armed Forces Not Enthused About Fighting for Al Qaeda

Firm opposition both at home and abroad to his plans to bomb Syria on behalf of radical Islamists affiliated with al Qaeda has forced the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate in Chief to back down at least to the point of trying to get cover from Congress. Hopefully congressional backing will not extend beyond his Senate ally, the guy who did more than anyone else to put him in power, John McCain. Obama will get even less support from those called on to wreak death and destruction to advance his Islamization program, if some of the pictures of Armed Forces members that have been circulating on Facebook are any indication:




It will take a while to purge the military of patriots and turn it into a cross between a make-work jobs program and a San Francisco bathhouse. In the meantime, Obama should watch how fast he pushes his anti-American agenda.

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On tips from The Only Other Conservative in Seattle, Dan, and Hiram. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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