Syrian Rebels To Christians: Convert to Islam Or Die!

Syrian Rebels To Christians: Convert to Islam Or Die!

Assad may be a bad guy who used chemical weapons, but the rebels in Syria are even worse.

Syrian rebels

The village of Maaloula has been taken over by Syrian rebels associated with al Qaeda, who have stormed the Christian center and offered local Christians a choice: conversion or death. A resident of the town said the rebels shouted “Allahu Akhbar” as they moved through the village, and proceeded to assault Christian homes and churches.

“They shot and killed people,” he said. “I heard gunshots and then I saw three bodies lying in the middle of a street in the old quarters of the village. Where is President Obama to see what has befallen us?” Another witness stated, “I saw the militants grabbing five villagers and threatening them and saying, ‘Either you convert to Islam, or you will be beheaded.’”

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The village is located just 25 miles from Damascus, and sites within the village are dedicated as United Nations world heritage sites. Residents still speak Aramaic, the language of Jesus.

The more Syrian rebels that die, the safer Christians in Syria will be and the less Al-Qaeda fanatics will remain alive to potentially bomb us here in the states. So, Assad may not be a good guy and we may strongly disagree with his use of chemical weapons, but we should also be rooting for him to wipe the rebels off the face of the earth. They’re all bad guys, but the rebels are even worse. If Obama disagrees with that, maybe he should explain in his speech tonight why he thinks it’s so important for America to help Al-Qaeda murder Christians and take over the country.

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