The Tabloid Trash Beat: Obama Collapses Under The Strain

The National Examiner is the Ford Pinto of gossip rags. It doesn’t have the credibility (ha ha) of the National Enquirer and it’s not quite as flaky as the Globe.

Still, when I saw this story on the cover, I had to have it:

Obama Collapses

According to the totally unreliable folks at the Examiner, Obama is cracking under the strain of his own incompetence:

“By all accounts, the president was yelling about he’s under attack from all sides, until he suddenly got dizzy, went quiet and slumped forward on his desk,” says a source.

“He’s had a lot of dizzy spells lately, but this was the most terrifying. He’d never actually collapsed before.

…Despite troubles like the auto industry bailout, two wars and health care reform, reports took Obama to task for playing golf 24 times so far in his presidency.

The reports point out that his predecessor, George W. Bush, took three years to play 24 times and eventually gave it up saying: “I think playing golf during a war just sends the wrong signal.”

…”Barack has to give himself a little time off or I’m afraid he won’t see the end of his first time.”

Wow, if that’s right, I guess reading a teleprompter and wrecking a nation with your incompetence are tougher than you might think.

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