The Tabloid Trash Beat: Obama’s Enemies List Revealed!

Saying The Globe is not a credible source of news is like saying that getting to the top of Mt. Everest might be a “wee bit of an undertaking.”

Still, when I saw that their current issue had an actual Obama enemies list? I grabbed that with both hands — and I was richly rewarded with gems like this:

“The first thing Bill (Clinton) told Obama to do was to draw up a list of his most important and vocal enemies — and then take them down one by one,” say the source.

“And that’s exactly what Obama intends to do. This is all-out mortal combat.”

Mortal Kombat? Obama? He’s way too much of a pansy for that (That may have been a little too arcade nerd, inside baseball, but you’ll live).

Rather than go on, let’s just get to what everyone is waiting for, shall we?

Obama’s Enemies List (The reasons for each are given in the Globe. Buy it if you want to the justification for each one)

1) Glenn Beck
2) Larry Sinclair
3) Rep Joe Wilson
4) Sarah Palin
5) Sean Hannity
6) Orly Taitz
7) Pat Boone
8) Jon Voight
9) Rush Limbaugh
10) Ann Coulter
11) Rupert Murdoch
12) Jesse Jackson (Said something Obama didn’t like)
13) Dick Cheney
14) Bill O’Reilly
15) Toby Keith
16) Rex Rammell
17) Hank Williams Jr.
18) Steven Anderson
19) Saul Anuzis
20) Bill Cunnigham
21) Paul Krugman (Said something Obama didn’t like)
22) John Rich
23) Wiley Drake
24) Alex Jones
25) Michelle Malkin

After reading that list, my first thoughts were:

1) Wow, there are a surprising number of Hollywood types on there.

2) There are also a lot of kooks on there. Orly Taitz? Alex Jones? Really?

3) Man, would I LOVE to be on a list like that someday in the Globe — I think. It’s nice to see Michelle Malkin on there. She doesn’t always get her proper due.

Final thought for the comment section: If you were coming up with an imaginary enemies list for Obama, who would be on there? Number one on my imaginary list? Michelle Obama.

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