Colorado Flings Money at the Well-to-Do

Colorado Flings Money at the Well-to-Do

Colorado taxpayers have an extra reason to resent Quentin Tarantino, now that we know this radical left Hollyweird moonbat with a net worth of $100 million is a Colorado welfare queen:

The State of Colorado gave this multimillionaire [$3 million] to film part of his latest work of glam-violence, The Hateful Eight, in Colorado, instead of using that money for something as mundane as fixing your potholes. But on the bright side, this cinematic celebration of 16 highly profane and extra grisly murders takes place in Wyoming. Maybe it mentions Colorado in the credits.

Tarantino isn’t the only zillionaire from Tinseltown on the Colorado welfare roll:

It’s part of the over $9 million a year the state spends in corporate welfare “incentives” for TV and filmmakers.

The rich and flakey can also benefit by buying politically correct moonbatmobiles.

The state currently spends $7.6 million a year to give $5,000 cash to people who buy electric vehicles. The tax credit is on top of the $7,500 the feds kick in.

Normally wealth redistribution is justified by high-toned talk of helping the poor. Not this time.

[T]he Colorado Energy Office, in its Electric Vehicle and Infrastructure Readiness Plan, reports the key target market for electric vehicle purchasers in Colorado is made up by those aged 38-78 who earn more than $100,000 annually, have a bachelor’s degree or higher and own two or more vehicles.

Teslas can cost over $200,000. Despite the electricity they run on being 70% generated by coal, electric cars are often vanity baubles for the ultrarich who want to show off their fashionable enviromoonbattery.


since these coal-powered cars don’t fill up at the gas station, they don’t pay any gas tax to help maintain the roads they still use.

Once again we see that liberalism is an alliance of the poor and the rich against those of us in the middle, who do not get tax breaks to drive extravagantly expensive eco-toys, who do not get paid $millions to make sick movies, and who have to pick up the bill for those who do.

Has every reason to look pleased.

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