LIBERALS in Major Cities Put MASSIVE Soda Tax $1.28 Per Gallon, Consumers SHOCKED

LIBERALS in Major Cities Put MASSIVE Soda Tax $1.28 Per Gallon, Consumers SHOCKED

Wow… this is massively stupid and will literally kill small businesses. In Boulder, Colorado and San Francisco, Oakland and Albany in California, liberals have decided what they really need is a massive soda tax of $1.28 per gallon. Didn’t they try this in Philadelphia? It failed massively there. They claim it fights obesity and diabetes, but what they are aiming for is more money in their coffers. In Philadelphia, they just quit buying soda OR they went somewhere else to get it. I guarantee you this stupid, oppressive law will not help rid the world of those conditions.

In California, these new laws will tack on a one cent-per-source tax on drinks that contain an added-calorie sweetener and more than 25 calories in 12 ounces of liquid. That law could be applied to fruit drinks as well or sweetened coffee etc. Right now, they say it covers sodas, energy drinks, sweetened tea and sports drinks. As bad as that is, Boulder is even worse. They are adding two cents per ounce for beverages with at least five grams of an added-calorie sweetener in 12 fluid ounces. This ladies and gentlemen, is outright theft. You know, we fought a revolutionary war over stamp taxes, right? This is much worse.

These are ‘sin taxes’ and they never work. They also don’t produce the amount of money liberals would like to steal. And these guys are sneaky. You won’t pay the taxes directly when you check out. No… the taxes are being levied on the beverage distributors, so you don’t see them. They will in turn have to massively increase the cost of drinks to consumers. If they do, it “could result in a price increase of 67 cents on a two-liter bottle, or $1.44 for a 12-pack,” The New York Times reports. People are already stretched to their limits, so they will quit buying these items and it will cause the distributors to go out of business. It’s a small business killer and should not be allowed.

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We don’t need liberals dictating what we can and can’t eat and drink. You want fascism… there you go. The soda industry has already been hit with a 30-year low in the sale of soft drinks as more and more people abstain and go to water, etc. Behind much of this is Michael Bloomberg, who has invested millions in San Francisco and Oakland to push these pro-tax campaigns. The American Beverage Association spent millions against the campaigns. The taxes are projected to raise $15 million for San Francisco in the 2017–2018 financial year, $6 million per year in Oakland, and $223,000 annually in Albany. But I predict that won’t happen. It never turns out the way they think it will.

Berkeley was the first city in the US to pass this sin tax in 2014. Philadelphia signed on to this insanity last year. As hard as the American Beverage Association has fought the tax being added, it now looks like it is a done deal. The World Health Organization has been advocating these sin taxes across the globe to fight obesity and diabetes, but again it is not working out the way they imagined. Mexico passed this tax in 2013 and soda sales fell about six percent in 2014. In low-income households, it fell about nine percent.

This business of taxing people to adjust their behavior is abhorrent. And it devastates businesses out there, especially smaller distributors in California, where they have to pay the government $.68 cents per 2-ltr bottle of soda that they weren’t paying just a few months before. They are stealing millions from businesses and consumers. It’s a gateway tax and I wonder if butter and salt are next. Anything and everything can be a sin and can be taxed. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had it with the freaking nanny state and especially with Michael Bloomberg.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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