Nationwide Insurance Announces Bonuses, Increases 401(k) Matching Thanks to Trump’s Tax Reform

Nationwide Insurance Announces Bonuses, Increases 401(k) Matching Thanks to Trump’s Tax Reform

While Andrew Cuomo in New York is lamenting the Trump tax cuts (even suing the federal government, claiming they’re an unconstitutional attack on states’ rights), businesses are promising significant bonuses as a result.

Nationwide Insurance has announced that they are going to be giving out $1,000 bonuses to most of their employees, as well as increasing their 401(k) match rates. This is excellent news not only for the employees, but for the economy as well.

“Nationwide values its associates,” reads a published statement on the topic. “People are at the core of our company values. The combination of the new tax legislation, including a reduced corporate tax rate, and our associates’ ongoing commitment to our members, community and On Your Side promise are the reasons we’re making this investment that further enhances the already robust benefits we offer to attract and retain the best talent.”

In the email announcement, they explained that they are going to up their 401(k) match rate from 50% on the first 6% of employee contributions to 50% on the first 7%.

29,000 associates, managers and individual staffers will be seeing $1,000 bonuses while 33,000 employees will see their match rate increase. This is amazing news for everyone involved, and really makes the Democrats who opposed the tax cuts look quite silly. They claim that they represent the broke and downtrodden, and yet actively worked to deny them such excellent benefits as bonuses and increased 401(k) matching. You’re going to tell me that all of the people receiving bonuses are Republicans? I refuse to believe that.

Trump even recognized that the tax bill has already done a surprising amount of good, above what even the most generous of pundits predicted.

Liberals are going to have a lot to answer for in the midterms. Not only has nobody died as a result of the bill passage (despite their insistence that thousands would perish somehow), but people are actually seeing good results, like bonuses. If Democratic voters were actually interested in the integrity of their elected leaders, they would demand to know exactly why they voted against a bill that is doing so much to help the average person. Of course, there is no really good answer for this, but it would be funny to watch them trip over their own tongues in an attempt to give the most politically correct answer possible.

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