President Trump Unveils His ‘Middle Class Miracle’ Tax Plan for America [VIDEO]

President Trump Unveils His ‘Middle Class Miracle’ Tax Plan for America [VIDEO]

Before announcing the structure of his new tax plan, President Trump introduced it as a “giant win for the American people,” the middle-class in particular.

In Indiana for his speech, Trump called the current tax rules a “self-inflicted economic wound.” Indiana had previously prospered under Gov. Mike Pence and in 2016, all eleven electoral college votes went to Trump after he won 56.5% of the vote over Hillary’s 37.5%. Trump won the rural areas while Clinton took the cities of Indianapolis and Gary.

Speaking to the court, he repeatedly called his new tax code a “framework” as he called on the crowd to join him and each other to demand that the Democrats and Republicans in Congress “come together to deliver this giant win for the American people.”

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He outlined four major priorities in his plan:

  1. To cut taxes for “every day, hard working Americans.”
  2. To simplify the tax code to make it “simple, fair and easy to understand.”
  3. To cut taxes on Americans businesses to “restore our competitive edge” as well as to encourage job creation and higher wages.
  4. To encourage American companies to “bring back the trillions and trillions of dollars in wealth that’s parked overseas.”

We’ve been able to learn more snippets and details about his tax plan. Here are some highlights that have been making waves both to taxpayers and angry Democrats who still think Hillary has a chance at winning:

  • On Fox and Friends, Trump said that he wanted to go lower with the corporate tax, but reducing it to 20% will be a “non-negotiable” part of the plan, because the “numbers really work at 20.” This is down from 35%.
  • Gary Cohn said that a four person family should enjoy a “substantial tax decrease,” with the estimated tax savings being between $650 and $1000 for each family. Cue left-wing entitled howling who think that $1000 is a very small sum of money. Wealthy journalists will spend that much money eating at restaurants in a month, why on earth would a family think that saving the cost of car insurance and new tires would be a big deal? Can’t these families of four just ask their rich fathers for money?!
  • The first $24,000 earned by married couples will be tax-free
  • The first $12,000 for a single person will remain tax-free
  • A $500 credit to be applied for dependent adults or the elderly

He said that this plan will take care of the American people, rebuild the nation and will benefit American workers. From the looks of it, he seems to be prioritizing rebuilding the family. The family has always been the most important economic unit and broken families can break a nation.

From the White House’s official YouTube channel, you can watch the best minute and a half of his speech on tax reform here:

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