America Rising: Tea Parties, Health Care And NO More….

Want to capture American frustration in three minutes? This video has great production value and really makes the point: [via Dan Riehl]

A couple weeks ago when Tab Hale was visiting, I watched a review copy of the Tea Party, The Documentary Film [get video at the link]. In a word, the video was spectacular. The video followed some budding activists from home to the march on Washington. If you’re a politician and haven’t watched this video, I suggest you do. It will tell you everything you need to know about the sentiment amongst average Americans.

The following video clip was an accidental “get” for the documentary. A bunch of doctors from across America went to D.C. to protest. What you’ll see is the dialog between them and members of Congress and all sorts of ideas about single payer–the ultimate goal of Democrats and the vehicle for which public option was created:

The Tea Party movement is really still only getting started. The activists are turning their eyes locally and getting more involved. They’re also making their voices heard nationally. Also, in the Tea Party video, you’ll see the Freedom Works staff being evacuated from their building because a leftist called in a bomb threat. The American people don’t like shutting down the conversation, either. Please watch the whole movie. Have your children watch. It’s an education.

To counteract the will of the people, guys like Ben Nelson are running advertisements to convince the people how wrong they are about health care and everything else the Democrats are doing.

A warning to Republicans: If it looks like you’re colluding with the Democrats, you’ll be booted, too. There has been lots of talk about RINO hunting. Well, Americans see the Republicans as part of the big, indifferent, greedy, spending machine right along with Democrats. If a politician’s goal isn’t to make the government smaller and less intrusive, he’s going to be looking for a job.

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