Black Activist Mary Frances Berry Calls for More Deliberately False Allegations of Racism Against Tea Party

Again we see that the white racism supposedly oppressing privileged blacks in this country is a concoction of the leftist ruling class. Thanks go to militant moonbat Mary Frances Berry — Geraldine R. Segal Professor of American Social Thought and Professor of History at the University of Pennsylvania and Commissioner on the US Commission on Civil Rights under the disastrous Jimmy Carter — for providing further confirmation that patriots are getting clubbed over the head with a lie. Via Gateway Pundit, Berry coughed this up at Politico:


Berry isn’t alone in her loathsome mendacity. On the establishment media’s Journolist, Spencer Ackerman of the Washington Independent called for deliberately using false racism allegations against Karl Rove and Fred Barnes to create a smokescreen in defense of the very real racism of Jeremiah Wright and his protégé Barack Hussein Obama. There are still no takers for Andrew Breitbart’s offer to donate $10,000 to the United Negro College Fund if anyone can provide evidence that Congresscrumbs Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO), John Lewis (D-GA), and Andre Carson (D-IN) aren’t lying when they claim to have been called the forbidden N word 15 times by Tea Partiers in front of a huge crowd bristling with videocameras.

At this point in the collapse of Obamunism, lies are all the Left has left — other than brute government force, which unfortunately may be all they need to achieve their objectives.

On a tip from Scott. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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