20 Must Add Conservatives On Twitter

The new hawtness on Twitter, for conservatives at least, is suggesting the “must follow” people everyone should be following on Twitter. Among others, Craft and Matt Lewis have put out lists that have gotten some attention. So, as a conservative Twitter junky, I though it made sense for me to put together my own list of the 20 conservatives whose tweets I most enjoy on Twitter. Rather than explain why they deserve to make the list, I thought I’d do something a little different and just post a recent tweet from each one.

AceofSpadesHQ (Ace): Hey, an American plane! I smell balloon-drop!!! — resident of Hiroshima, 1945 (quoted by Sheila Jackson Lee)

allahpundit (Allahpundit): @JennyErikson Well, that’s the theory among ghost hunters. That demonic hauntings involve spirits that were never human

AndrewBreitbart (Andrew Breitbart): NAACP is a Race Mafia, telling black people how to think & punishing with who don’t toe the line with intimidation & social alienation.

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CalebHowe (Caleb Howe): Liberal on John King says Rev. Wright was a dominant story in 08. Um, no. Attacking right & Fox for airing it was dominant story, jackhole.

DanRiehl (Dan Riehl): I am, you presumptuous ass. RT @TeresaKopec: @DanRiehl How about watching the tape ass.

emzanotti (Emily Zanotti): Don’t get me wrong, but isn’t a “Congressional Tea Party Caucus” sort of an oxymoron?

ewerickson (Erick Erickson): Addition by subtraction: The GOP minus Lindsey Graham would be better.

ExJon: I don’t have all the details about this Sherrod firing, but it’s obvious that Obama acted stupidly.

IMAO_ (Frank J. Fleming): A conservative racist will never get credit for reforming. A liberal racist will be assumed to have reformed just by being for higher taxes.

JasonMattera (Jasn Mattera): LOL so true RT @johnhawkinsrwn: @mattklewis Dude, that’s like trying to make “gay” mean happy again. Won’t work.

jimgeraghty (Jim Geraghty): Biden said of Pelosi: “Nancy, you are the mother of health care.” … Why am I suddenly thinking of Norman Bates?

jstrevino (Josh Trevino): Yes. RT @seanhackbarth: @jstrevino Another part of JournoList story is America is stuck w/ these writers delivering “news” for decades.

KatMcKinley (Kathleen McKinley): While traveling home this past week, I had a lot of people tell me I was right about Obama (who they voted for). Hated to say I told ya so.

knifework: Thanks to Kick-Ass, I’m convinced that I can train my child to be a ninja vigilante. Watch out, seedy underbelly of society.

mattklewis (Matt Lewis): “You had me at Refudiate.”

MelissaTweets (Melissa Clouthier): RT @Wodego: Shirley, Don’t be too disappointed. Barack would have thrown even Rosa Parks under the damn bus if she got in the way. #tcot

Mommentator: I wonder how it feels to have the world hanging on your every tweet. Certainly, the making fun of Sarah has her laughing all the way bank.

sarahk47 (Sarah Fleming) ME: Hey, why don’t you take off your pants, and I’ll wash them. HE: Aww. That sentence went somewhere else than I was hoping.

SarahPalinUSA (Sarah Palin): Peace-seeking Muslims, pls understand, Ground Zero mosque is UNNECESSARY provocation; it stabs hearts. Pls reject it in interest of healing

toddeherman (Todd Herman): Ours will be the generation in which the government makes laws about what foods you can eat. Bank on it.

PS: If you’re looking for two more accounts to follow, I’m at Johnhawkinsrwn & Rightwingnews.

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