Blackburn To Introduce Freedom Loving Net Neutrality Bill

Blackburn To Introduce Freedom Loving Net Neutrality Bill

Republican Marsha Blackburn isn’t attempting to turn the Internet into a government run utility

(Engadget) Last week, the FCC repealed net neutrality protections put in place in 2015 and returned broadband to a Title I classification. There were many voices expressing concern over the proposal and frustration once the FCC voted to enact it and a few members of Congress on both sides of the aisle stated that legislation, which would be more permanent than an FCC ruling, would ultimately be the best way forward when it comes to net neutrality. Now, less than a week after the FCC’s vote, Republican Representative Marsha Blackburn has introduced a net neutrality bill.

Blackburn is saying this legislation will “settle the net neutrality debate” and that she’s hopeful about its prospects in Congress. “Let’s stop the ping-ponging from one FCC commission to another,” Blackburn told Variety. “This is something where the Congress should act.”

She’s right: this is the type of thing that belongs in the hands of Congress, rather than unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats. Realistically, though, the Internet really doesn’t need anymore regulation. Which is good, because

The bill, however, varies little from the FCC’s order. It would still classify broadband as a Title I service and it would still allow for internet service providers to practice paid prioritization. It would also keep in place the 2010 transparency rules reinstituted last week. Pretty much the only difference is that it would ban blocking and throttling. “A lot of our innovators are saying, ‘Let’s go with things we have agreement on, and other things can be addressed later,'” Blackburn told Variety.

The proposed bill, the Open Internet Preservation Act, not only stops blocking and throttling, but restricts the implementation of any rules in the future from bureaucrats, like the one instituted by Obama’s FCC. And it would allow providers to offer specialized services, such as making someone go to a more expensive plan because they’re streaming way more content than others.

Obviously, Democrats will object, because they want the government in charge of American’s use of the Internet.

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