John McAfee Revealed How to Crack the iPhone on National TV

John McAfee Revealed How to Crack the iPhone on National TV

People around the country are furious with Apple’s refusal to unlock the phones of the San Bernardino terrorists. So John McAfee went on live television and revealed how to crack the iPhone… or did he?

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Yes, John McAfee is the man who created that annoying antivirus programme on your computer, just in case you were struggling to remember where you’ve heard that name before. Well the tech-saavy businessman has taken to national television to reveal exactly how to decrypt an iPhone.

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This has all come from a high profile court case involving the the San Bernardino shooter. A judge ordered Apple to decrypt the phone and Apple subsequently refused, which is why McAfee has stepped in. Volunteering to publically sort out the phone (and its closeted information), he has got a lot of media coverage as a result. Publicity stunt perhaps, or am I being too cynical?

Fed up of waiting for someone to accept his audacious offer, McAfee decided to go all Rambo on us and reveal the information live on national television.

It should be pointed out that McAfee is running for president, attempting to get on the Libertarian ticket, so yes, this is a publicity stunt. And according to techies, it’s a bad one: they rushed to point out that McAfee’s premise is inherently faulty, leaves out a lot of information about iPhones, and cracking them is in no way as simple as he makes it seem. McAfee likely knows this, so this likely is just a way for him to get his name into the media.

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