Sigh. Now The iPad Is Bad For Man Induced Climate Change

One would think that Greenpeace would be happy with all the extra CO2 in the atmosphere, because it stimulates plant growth and will Kill All Humans, thereby freeing the animal kingdom from Evil Mankind. Alas, no

A new report linking Apple’s iPad, which debuts Saturday, to global warming has prompted debate among environmentalists about the true planetary impact of these mobile devices.

The report by Greenpeace, an environmental activist group, says the iPad’s fun features — streaming video, downloading music and books — rely on “cloud-based computing” in which vast amounts of data are stored at data centers for instantaneous retrieval.

The power consumed by these data centers and telecommunication networks will more than triple in a decade, according to the report, “Make IT Green.”

Say, I wonder how much data is stored in the Greenpeace servers for instantaneous retrieval? That’s bad for climate change!

Remember, all you liberal supporters of the notion of anthropogenic global warming, iPads are bad, so, you should not buy them. What’s that? “Screw that!”? You mean you are going to buy one, and to hell with Greenpeace? Bad climate alarmist, you!

Then the story goes into some equivocation about focusing on other AGW sources, that the iPad may be bad, but it helps out elsewhere, blah blah blah. Listen, alarmists, you either walk to the talk, and cut out all your CO2 (I suppose we could make an allowance for your breathing), or you are a hypocrite. Period. Which most of you are.

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