The Top 15 Lisa Murkowski Campaign Slogans, Courtesy Of Twitter

As you have heard, after being defeated in Alaska’s Republican primary, Alaska’s most famous beneficiary of nepotism, Lisa Murkowski, has decided to run a write-in campaign. Given how the early numbers look, she may simply be trying to throw the seat to the Democrat out of spite.

So, from #murkowskislogans on Twitter come the 20 best new suggested slogans for Lisa Murkowski’s campaign.

15) Ask not what your state can do for you but what you can do for me. — bostonrandy

14) Just like Sarah Palin excerpt for the conservatism, charm, courage, and merit — johnhawkinsrwn

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13) And your little dog, too! — david_m_wagner

12) Stepping Down. It’s not just a lesson for Brett Favre anymore — CrabbyCon

11) LISA – Loser Is Stickin’ Around’ — redTrends

10) I won’t quit on Alaska – no matter how much you want me to! — SooperMexican

9) We are the Losers we’ve been waiting for. — RickSmall

8) I represent the will of the people! Stupid, uninformed, wrong people. — ChrisBarnhart

7) My heart is in Alaska, and I cannot leave you. Not even if you get a restraining order. — johnhawkinsrwn

6) Do you know how many stupid effin’ sled dog races I went to to try and keep this thing? — DanRiehl

5) Because nepotism is just another word for “American Dream!” — johnhawkinsrwn

4) I Can’t See the Private Sector From My House! — adamsbaldwin

3) If Joe Miller’s so great why didn’t his daddy get him a job? — johnhawkinsrwn

2) You had me with goodbye. — HeyTammyBruce

1) Daddy can’t help me this time…I need you! — Mermaz

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