Cruz Predicts Liberal Armageddon Meltdown Due to MAJOR Change at Supreme Court [VIDEO]

The Conservative Political Action Conference is in full swing in Washington, D.C., with some of the nation’s top conservatives making appearances. Today, Ted Cruz was one of the featured speakers, along with talk radio host Mark Levin. The two discussed the Supreme Court and Cruz had a bold prediction to make.


Cruz believes that there will be another Supreme Court vacancy coming this summer, sending liberals into a “full Armageddon meltdown.” In the 1990s, Cruz clerked for Chief Justice William Rehnquist at the Supreme Court. “I think there will be another vacancy on the Supreme Court this summer,” he said confidently.

He also said that Donald Trump’s first Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch, will be confirmed. Gorsuch was chosen to replace the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and his placement won’t result in a shift in the court. Cruz said that it would still go a long way towards protecting rights like religious liberty and the Second Amendment. Another vacancy would mean a shift in the court, however, and it is this that would drive liberals crazy. “They can only have so many people on the court who are actually faithful to the Constitution,” Levin joked back.

Cruz also discussed who liberals can thank for “the most conservative cabinet in decades.” According to Cruz, it’s none other than former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. “Harry Reid, thank you for Attorney General Jeff Sessions!” Cruz shouted as the crowd laughed and cheered. “And for Scott Pruitt and for Education Secretary Betsy DeVos!”

The talk also turned to the recent decision by the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which ruled that Maryland’s ban on assault rifles is constitutional. Cruz argued that the 4th Circuit justices “invented this new test for the Second Amendment. That it doesn’t protect weapons that could be used in a military context.”

“This is lawless,” he added. He said that the second amendment was designed with a military context in mind, pointing out the word “militia” and that it wasn’t meant for just recreational gun use. “It’s about protecting your home, and your family and your life,” he said.

Finally, Cruz turned his attention to illegal immigration, pointing out that after inauguration day, illegal border crossings have plummeted by 50% in the Rio Grande sector. Why? There is an administration now that will “finally enforce the law.”

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