HAH! Here’s Who May End Up Paying for the Border Wall… [VIDEO]

HAH! Here’s Who May End Up Paying for the Border Wall… [VIDEO]

Looks like the campaigning Cruz did on behalf of Donald Trump in the days leading up the November election really stuck with Sen. Ted Cruz, who has now found a way to fulfill the promise that Trump would Build The Wall and Make Mexico Pay For It.

He appeared on Fox News Live to explain how much the wall would cost and to suggest a fantastic alternative to complex tax structures. This is one idea where even if it doesn’t pan out, it’s worthwhile to draw attention to the high cost of the drug trade between America and Mexico.

As reported on MRCTV, Cruz said:

“It’s estimated his criminal fortune is worth $14 billion, now coincidentally the estimates for the cost to build a wall range from $14 to $20 billion, so my legislation provides if those assets are forfeited, those assets from El Chapo will go directly to building a wall and to securing the border.

“There is a sense of justice – a sense of this is what’s right, to say the people who are violating the border like crazy, we should use their ill-gotten gains to finally build the wall and to finally ensure we have the assets to secure our borders.”

In a tweet posted yesterday, Cruz encouraged his followers to sign a petition in support of his El Chapo Act.

Former GOP contestant Newt Gingrich chimed in with his support over the plan.

You can watch the full interview here!


In John Hawkins’ new book ‘Things Young Adults Should Know’, he stresses that When it comes to life, your attitude should be, “If I didn’t earn it, I don’t deserve it.” Well, El Chapo didn’t earn that money and he sure doesn’t deserve to get it back.

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