Cruz Coins A New Word: Trumpertantrum

Donald Trump likes to be the only bully in the room. He doesn’t like it when people best him

(The Hill) Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz on Wednesday afternoon took to Twitter to respond to voter fraud allegations made against him by rival Donald Trump, dismissing the comments as a “Trumper tantrum.”

“Yet another #Trumpertantrum,” Cruz tweeted. “@realDonaldTrump very angry w/the people of Iowa. They actually looked at his record.”

Earlier Wednesday, Trump used social media to accuse the Texas senator of committing fraudin order to win Monday night’s Iowa caucuses.

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“Ted Cruz didn’t win Iowa, he stole it,” the real estate mogul told his followers. “That is why all of the polls were so wrong and why he got far more votes than anticipated. Bad!”

Someone should call a Waaaambulance for Trump, who’s complaining that Cruz stole Hawkeye Cauci, that he cheated, and there should be a do-0ver. Sounds much like a grade school student government election complaint. Or Democrats in 2000 and 2004. Via Patterico, we read a full comment by Cruz (video available)

CRUZ: I think they’re very funny. I think Donald — I wake up every day and laugh at the latest thing Donald has tweeted. Because he’s losing it. Look, we need a Commander in Chief, not a Twitterer in Chief. We need someone with the judgment and the temperament to keep this country safe. I don’t know anyone who would be comfortable with someone who behaves this way having his finger on the button. I mean, we’re liable to wake up one morning, and Donald, if he were President, would have nuked Denmark. That’s not the temperament of a leader to keep this country safe.

Meanwhile, the Star Ledger, one of New Jersey’s premier papers, which provides most of the original content on, and which is utterly in the bag for Hillary, deeming her server issues a big nothing-burger through a series of disingenuous machinations of semantics and conscious ignorance of certain material and the law, provides the case to vote for Ted Cruz.

If he reached the White House, Cruz would “repeal every word of Obamacare,” on the basis that it is “the biggest job-killer in this country,” and has forced “millions into part-time jobs.”

Cruz would be the Commander in Chief that tears up the Iran nuclear deal, and issues orders with a macho blather that makes military people cringe. The most cited example is his repeated pledge to “carpet bomb” ISIS, which our top commander had to explain is “Indiscriminate bombing, where we don’t care if we are killing innocents,” and is “inconsistent with our values.”

President Cruz vows to abolish marriage equality, because the Supreme Court ruling that allowed it is “fundamentally illegitimate, lawless, and unconstitutional.” In fact, he’s calling for a Constitutional amendment that would subject Justices “to periodic judicial retention elections.”

And a Cruz presidency would abolish the Internal Revenue Service, the Department of Energy, and four other federal agencies; introduce another amendment that would end birthright citizenship; defund Planned Parenthood; privatize Social Security for future retirees; and push for a 10-percent flat tax, which the nonpartisan Tax Foundation says would cost the government $768 billion over 10 years.

They refer to him in the headline as America’s Worst Nightmare. Sounds like he’s America’s best bet to reign in the ever expanding Big Government, while looking towards prosperity for the middle class and protection against our enemies.

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