POW! Ted Cruz Just Opened A Can Of WHOOP On Trump For Doing THIS!

From Donald Trump’s perspective, doing any more Republican debates isn’t really in his interest. After all, in the last three debates he emerged bruised and bloody courtesy of Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz’ relentless attacks, and now that Rubio has dropped out the prospect of future debates in which Trump would have to more or less spend two hours being cross-examined by Cruz – a former Princeton debate champion and constitutional attorney who argued nine cases in front of the U.S. Supreme Court, no less – would seem like an uncommonly unfavorable one.

So pulling out of Thursday’s planned Fox News event in Salt Lake City was probably a prudent thing to do. When Trump dropped out, third-place spoiler John Kasich, whose prospects for earning the nomination in primary contests have been mathematically erased, joined him. Kasich, who has failed to engage any of the others in meaningful debate in any of the televised cattle calls, would likely have faced elimination at Cruz’ hands once the latter began interrogating him about his plans to pull the nomination out of his hat at the convention in Cleveland.


Which left Cruz few options for how to make use of that evening on his schedule, and, interviewed by Fox News’ Megyn Kelly on the subject yesterday, he had some rather pointed thoughts to offer on the subject

Ted Cruz went after Trump for skipping the next Fox News debate, calling his ‘speech’ excuse for skipping it ‘silliness’, noting that the voters aren’t that stupid. Cruz said AIPAC is a multi day event and would have allowed him to speak at a different time.

Speaking of AIPAC, Cruz also ripped Trump over his proclaiming to be neutral when it comes to Israel and the Palestinians. In fact I’m guessing that’s why Cruz said no to a town hall with Fox in place of the debate, in order to be at AIPAC when Trump is there to throttle him on this.

Cruz also called out the media for their wall to wall coverage of everything Trump, accusing them of putting on a telethon for Trump.

Lest anyone accuse the Senator of whining, he has a point about the earned media advantage Trump has enjoyed. The New York Times analyzed the air time bought or earned by presidential candidates during this cycle and the results were shocking…

So it ought to be no surprise at all when Cruz unloaded on the media for pumping Trump 24/7 like he did in this clip…

Cruz might have missed an opportunity. What he could have done, if Trump and Kasich wouldn’t be around in Salt Lake City, was to invite Hillary Clinton and/or Bernie Sanders to join him for a little intraparty donnybrook.

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