Ted Cruz on Religious Liberty: You Have a Right to Not Participate, Not to Silence Everyone

Plenty of liberals and loudmouthed atheists confuse our freedom of religion for freedom from religion. And in an interview with Megyn Kelly, Ted Cruz made that very important distinction (at 8:00 in).

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From The Right Scoop:

Ted Cruz was on with Megyn Kelly tonight when the issue of religion came up. Cruz told Kelly while he’s not running for Pastor-in-Chief, he also won’t be ashamed of his Christianity.

The issue of the pledge came up, with Kelly saying that atheists have said they don’t want to have to participate or even watch as other students stand and pledge allegiance with God in it.

But Cruz responded with a great quote, saying that the Constitution doesn’t give anyone a ‘heckler’s veto’, that someone has the right not to participate but not the right to silence everyone else.

This is a lesson that people really, really need to learn. People can be whatever religion they want to be, but it doesn’t give them the right to make everyone else hide their beliefs.

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