9/11 Victory Mosque Moves Forward

Just as Americans have the iconic image of Marines and a sailor raising Old Glory on Iwo Jima, Muslims will soon have an “Islamic center” next to Ground Zero to symbolize and commemorate a historic victory.

The controversial Islamic center proposed to be built near the site of the 9/11 terrorist attacks won a major victory today when a New York City board voted unanimously to allow the demolition of a building to make way for construction.

The city’s Landmarks Preservation Commission’s vote rejected the landmarking of a 19th century building with its Italian Renaissance Palazzo style that most recently served as a Burlington Coat Factory. That designation would have prevented its demolition and foiled plans to build a 13-story Islamic community center that includes a prayer room.

Having the Cordoba Victory Mosque right next to Ground Zero will help us remember September 11. It should be open soon, but just so no one forgets in the meantime, here’s what the “Islamic center” will triumphantly memorialize:


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NYC’s appalling Mayor for Life Michael Bloomberg has taken this opportunity to preen himself on the “religious tolerance” patriots correctly perceive as dhimmitude at its most contemptible. The city’s omnipotent bureaucracy has a zillion means of stopping any project. They are letting the mosque go through because, incredibly, they want it there. They want America’s face rubbed in the ashes of its dead while Muslim maniacs ululate in triumph.

The establishment media also takes Islam’s side. CBS dismisses this 13-story tribute to terrorism as a “blink-and-you’ll-miss-it mosque.”

If you had told me on 9/11/2001, as I watched my fellow New Yorkers stagger northwards from Ground Zero covered in dust partially composed of other Americans who had just been murdered in the name of Islam, that city bureaucrats would approve this absolutely intolerable outrage, I would have moved away in disgust much sooner — unless my head had exploded on the spot.

It’s impossible to believe that all New Yorkers are eager to lick the shoes of Islamofascists in the name of political correctness, but their liberal “representatives” certainly are.

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