Al-Qaeda Targeting Trump: Wanted ‘Dead Or Alive’ For ‘Crimes Against Islam’

Al-Qaeda Targeting Trump: Wanted ‘Dead Or Alive’ For ‘Crimes Against Islam’

The media group that delivers Al-Qaeda messaging is now passing around a Dead Or Alive wanted poster in its online communities.

Al-Qaeda, whose propaganda is indistinguishable from late night television and the Emmy’s, has accused Trump of “treason, murder, injustice, kidnapping, massacre, extremism, negligence, hate.” That’s thanks to the people at JihadoScope, who monitor “jihadist activity across the web and social media” with analysts in France and the US.

A few years ago under the Obama administration, Syrian groups that were supplied with weaponry by the United States surrendered to Al-Qaeda, giving them all the shiny equipment purchased with American tax dollars.

The media center, Al-Hijrah gave the notice out this week on the same day that a British think tank, Research Policy, came out with a warning that al-Qaeda and other Jihadists are winning the online propaganda “netwar” and that authorities who are trying to prevent this spread of information are doing a poor job of stopping it.

Al-Qaeda’s message for Trump also attacks him for his decent decision to escalate in Afghanistan, where the terrorist group still operates with their friends in the Taliban. America has been trying for years now to destroy both groups.

Women in Afghanistan before the Taliban VS After the Taliban

The message, in translation, says:

“It is clear that Trump is waging this war only for his hatred of Muslims. You will never be victorious, you will be defeated.”

They go on to say that Afghanistan will become a graveyard for American troops.

The Research Policy report discusses the people who are accessing Jihadi-related content, with Turkey being the most frequent users and Americans, Saudis, Iraqis and Brits following up. The report says that the status quo is not working in terms of online spaces. In my experience I would say that western governments are not doing a bang-up job of fighting back against online propaganda because they’re mostly hiring Gen X and Boomers to do their Internet auditing, instead of looking for precocious teenagers who are digital natives.

I would agree with the report on their conclusions about the use of online spaces by Jihadis, where they say that Jihadis are “exploiting” the spaces and have more sophisticated “media production.” That doesn’t necessarily mean shinier videos, but rather their propaganda makes being an extremist fighter look really, really cool. It’s emotionally driven content that will make you feel cool and accepted, and that’s what driving so many North Americans and Europeans to go to the middle east to help destroy western civilization.

Margaret M.

Internet Specialist at Warfare Media.

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