Another Man Made Disaster Averted Because Of TSA Rules Regular People

Hi guys! I know, it’s the weekend and I’m usually not blogging here and taking a vacation and whatever. Not today. Too much going on.

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This weekend, I read a piece by Neo-Neocon at Pajamas Media. She quoted Winston Churchill:

Have Americans decided that liberty is passé, and that equality and fraternity – or the pretense of both – are far more important? To paraphrase Churchill’s famous statement about Munich, in which he is purported to have said that “the government had to choose between war and shame. They chose shame. They will get war, too.”

When Americans elected President Barack Obama, did they want to pretend that war wasn’t upon us? Did they like the smooth notions of a pre-9/11 world? I don’t think so. Did they buy the lies that this war is what caused hate in our enemies? I DO think so.

And I predicted back a ways, that Obama risks much by down-playing terrorist threats. He has been seen bowing and scraping before world leaders. He has spent much time apologizing for America. This is a big mistake. He essentially promised that if America became “less” that our enemies would no longer try to beat us up.

There will be little patience for President Obama’s nonchalance in the face of this terrorism. He has projected weakness which is like a flashing red cape to a bully enemy. They do, however, understand strength. It’s another reminder that for the years after 9/11, President Bush PREVENTED these sorts of “man-made disasters”.

Under Obama, only one year in, Americans better be willing to defend themselves. Their government seems to be too busy being politically correct to protect them.

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