AP Removes ‘Allahu Akbar’ Reference from Fresno Shooter Story

AP Removes ‘Allahu Akbar’ Reference from Fresno Shooter Story

Tuesday, a madman went on a shooting rampage in Fresno, California. He reportedly yelled “Allahu Akbar” and was trying to kill as many white people as possible. Tragically, he killed three people before he was apprehended. But strangely, the Associated Press report of the shooting left out some pretty key details.

The suspect in the shooting is 39 year-old Kori Ali Muhammad. According to his social media accounts, he hates Donald Trump and was on a mission to kill white people. But when the Associated Press wrote up the story of his shooting rampage, they made a rather interesting edit.

Instead of accurately reporting what Muhammad said — Allahu Akbar — they said that he yelled “God is great.” On Twitter, they gave no indication that he was yelling in Arabic.

Unsurprisingly, the AP took a lot of flack.

Was the AP trying to whitewash the attack? In the story itself, they reported that he shouted “God is great!” in Arabic, which may technically be true, but is still an odd way of phrasing it. Why not just print what he said? Is it because the shooter was a black Muslim and they wanted to keep that information quiet? Whatever their motivation, that was some shameful reporting on the part of the Associated Press.

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