BREAKING NEWS: Time Square Evacuated

BREAKING NEWS: Time Square Evacuated


A suspicious package was found outside of a McDonald’s in Manhattan, leading Times Square to be evacuated. The New York Police Department closed 42nd Street between 7th and 8th Avenues in Manhattan, where the package was found. The area is known to be a tourist hot spot in Times Square.

Not long after the package was found, the bomb squad arrived to investigate.

People alerted police when they saw the package, later confirmed to be a suitcase.

Thankfully, after the bomb squad investigated, it was confirmed that the suitcase was empty and there was no threat. The streets were reopened and it was back to business as usual in Times Square.

After the bombing in Chelsea, New Yorkers are understandably on high alert for any kind of suspicious behavior or unusual packages. Thankfully, it was a false alarm, but the people who spoke up absolutely did the right thing by notifying police. We know there are ISIS sleeper cells in the United States. There have been multiple confirmed terrorist attacks recently. It’s not the time to be complacent; everyone needs to be keeping their eyes open and be on the lookout for people behaving unusually.

Remember: if you see something, say something. That’s true now more than ever.

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