BREAKING: Obama Releases Bin Laden’s Bodyguard – Guess Where To

BREAKING: Obama Releases Bin Laden’s Bodyguard – Guess Where To

Obama has been releasing terrorists left and right, and Osama bin Laden’s bodyguard is just the latest one. But it’s where Obama released this particular terrorist that is raising eyebrows.

bin laden bodyguard

From Conservative Tribune:

The latest terrorist to be processed through Obama’s revolving door at Gitmo was Abdel Malik Ahmed Abdel Wahab al-Rahabi, believed to be a nephew and personal bodyguard of former Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

Al-Rahabi was detained by Pakistani forces in 2001 and subsequently turned over to U.S. custody, where he in turn resided at Guatanamo for 14 years, according to NBC News.

Despite being suspected of having undergone training to take part in the 9/11 World Trade Center attack, or an attack like that one, he has now been declared to no longer be a threat, rendering him eligible for transfer out of the prison.

Al-Rahabi will be transferred to the custody of Montenegro, a small nation in the Balkans of southeast Europe surrounded by Albania, Bosnia, Herzegovina, and Kosovo, and just across the narrow Adriatic Sea from Italy.

Lest one thinks that this jihadist will be closely watched and securely held by the small nation aspiring to be a member of the European Union and NATO, he will in fact be released and allowed to “return to his family.”

What could Obama possibly be thinking? Is he actually trying to encourage these terrorists to plan more attacks? It’s utterly despicable!

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