California Terrorist Told Father He Shared Ideology With ISIS – Was Fixated Against Israel

California Terrorist Told Father He Shared Ideology With ISIS – Was Fixated Against Israel

Color me highly unsympathetic over this. I thought I heard the father say after the shooting that Syed was a good boy and he didn’t understand how all this happened. He just gave an interview to an Italian newspaper that says something quite different. Syed was very in sync with the ideology of ISIS. He also hated Israel and was fixated on them. Now given, the father and mother are divorced and she claims he is a drunk, violent and nuts… but she was the one that moved in with a mass murderer. Just sayin’. I’m not sure that the wife of the gunman is totally to blame for his radicalization. Sounds like he was heading that way long ago and she was the icing on the cake. The father is no saint either. He claimed to the younger Farook that the Jewish state would not exist in two years because world powers such as the US, China and Russia did not want it to and all of the Israelis would move to the Ukraine. I think the whole family is nuts and some of them murderously so.


From the Daily Mail:

The father of San Bernardino gunman Syed Rizwan Farook has shed new light on his son’s embrace of radical ideology before killing 14 people with his wife.

The elder Syed Farook, 67, spoke to Italian newspaper La Stampa and said that the 28-year-old had become ‘too shy, conservative, and fixated against Israel’.

Speaking outside of the home of his Navy-veteran son Raheel, the father also said that he had discussed the terrorist group Islamic State with Rizwan and that the future gunman told him he supported the jihadists’ ideology

Farook’s sisters have said they do not know why the California health inspector and his Pakistani-born wife committed their violent crime, which is now being investigated as an act of terrorism.

The elder Syed Farook, who came to the US from Pakistan in 1973 and has a degree in mechanical engineering, said that his younger son had a good life and was making good money while studying towards a master’s degree.

He said that he had never spoken to Tashfeen Malik, Rizwan Farook’s Pakistani-born wife who was a longtime resident of Saudi Arabia before coming to the US on a fiancée visa last year and is thought by some to have radicalized him.

She reportedly did not speak to male relatives and began wearing a burqa after becoming more conservative about her Muslim faith several years ago.

However, the father repeated multiple times that his son was fixated against Israel.

He said that he tried to argue with his son that opposition to Israel was best done with politics rather than weapons, and became angry with his son after seeing that he had acquired a gun.

The father also made a bizarre claim to the younger Farook that the Jewish state would not exist in two years because world powers such as the US, China and Russia did not want it and all of the Israelis would move to Ukraine.

Beyond geopolitical issues leading Rizwan Farook towards extremism, his own family had been fracturing in recent years.

Rizwan Farook’s mother Rafia, who live with him, said that her ex-husband is an alcoholic, mentally ill and hit her, according to the New York Times. Syed Farook denied the allegations.

The couple’s divorce that started in 2006 was finalized this year, and the husband said that she moved in with Rizwan last May and he moved in with Raheel in September.

The elder Farook, who says he is from the city and liberal, said that Rizwan was a momma’s boy because both he and his ex-wife are very religious.

He said that his younger son had formed a coalition against him with Rafia, and that Rizwan had said his parents’ marriage must end after an argument about Jesus Christ where the future gunman called his father an ‘unbeliever’.

The 67-year-old said that he did not know whether his son had contact with terrorist suspects abroad, but said that it was possible with technology.

Investigators have begun to look for possible links to terrorist groups after Malik posted on Facebook during the attacks that she pledged allegiance to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Officials are also investigating possible contact with a member of Al Qaeda’s Syrian outfit, the al-Nusra Front, and Malik’s links to the radical Red Mosque in Pakistan.

Syed Farook said he will not be able to find peace after his son’s attack, and added, ‘my life is over here’.

He was a momma’s boy only in the sense that they were both devout. He’s much more likely to have been in cahoots with his wife. The wife has a number of terrorist connections not only to ISIS, but al Qaeda and the Red Mosque in Pakistan. The father is right, his life is over here. That ended the day his son and daughter-in-law went a Jihadist murder-spree. I’m also not entirely sure I believe everything the father says. He may well have been involved somehow. The family seems dysfunctional. You have to ask yourself why he went to the Italian press over this. I also don’t believe the rest of the family or frankly the community over this whole thing. I believe there are many more connections to this atrocity and the network is widespread. There is a common thread though… devotion to Islam and the hatred of Israel.





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