CHILLING: NYC Terror Suspect ‘Proud’ of Attack [DETAILS] [VIDEO]

CHILLING: NYC Terror Suspect ‘Proud’ of Attack [DETAILS] [VIDEO]

After coming out of surgery in New York City, the terrorist suspect Sayfullo Saipov was questioned by police officers, who expect that he will continue to survive. The NYPD had shot him in the stomach in an effort to stop his rampage last night in lower Manhattan that left eight people dead.

One official with the police told a reporter that during questioning Saipov, he said that he was “proud” of his attack. It is alleged that a note he had left behind read in Arabic that, “The Islamic State will endure forever,” which we can interpret to mean that he meant to be killed during the attack to become a martyr and that he wanted us all to know that the reason eight people are not able to come home to their families is because of his belief in the superiority of Islam over western infidels.

Now, police are actively investigating the terrorist act along the West Side Highway where police are saying that Saipov “intentionally” went after pedestrians on a bike bath with a truck rented from Home Depot. All through last night, law enforcement collected videos and images from cameras around the route and from other witnesses in order to put together a more full picture of what happened. So far, images available to the wider public show that Saipov was driving at a “moderate speed” until he get on to the bike path starting at Houston Street, where he then begins to speed up. Investigators say that this means that the attack was pre-planned. Part of their investigation is on whether or not they can find any records of Saipov being in the location before, because if he had scoped out the bike path earlier, they may be able to find accomplices.

We now know that Saipov entered Obama’s America in 2010 from Uzbekistan through the “Diversity Visa Program,” which is intended to open up the floodgates to immigrants from countries that left-wing officials believe are underrepresented in America. His green card gave him permanent legal residence and he moved from Ohio, to Florida, to New Jersey with his wife and three children.

After renting the truck at 2 pm yesterday afternoon, he turned on to the bike path at Houston at 3:05 pm and later slammed into a school bus. He then jumped out of his truck carrying some kind of weapons; reports vary between “fake guns” and paintball and pellet guns.

Margaret M.

Internet Specialist at Warfare Media.

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