Gay Club Killer Sought Out Disney World As A Target and Wife KNEW He Was Planning An Attack!

Omar Mateen, the monster that shot and killed 49 people inside a club in Florida, was planning more than one attack. In fact, his wife knew of his plans and failed to tell police. Should she be held responsible?


From Perez Hilton:

This is horrifying!

According to law enforcement reports, the gunman behind the awful Orlando nightclub shootings recently scouted Walt Disney World in the central Florida city as a potential target.

Omar Mateen and his wife, Noor Zahi Salman, visited Disney World two months ago, according to a law enforcement source.

The express purpose of that visit — as told by Salman herself to federal authorities — was a ‘scouting’ mission to scope out potential targets for his attacks.

First off, that is AWFUL!

Second… Salman knew about the scouting, and never told authorities until now?! WHAT???

Mateen obviously didn’t attack Disney World — but he could have, at least regarding their security procedures at Downtown Disney (which has recently been named Disney Springs).

While every other Disney venue in central Florida has metal detectors and security screenings before entry, they do not have those things at the Disney Springs location.

I firmly believe this woman should be forced to apologize to every one of the victims’ friends and families for failing to alert the authorities to his actions.

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