Death in Their Sights: ISIS Snipers Release Chilling Footage of Jihadists Hunting and Killing Their Enemies

Death in Their Sights: ISIS Snipers Release Chilling Footage of Jihadists Hunting and Killing Their Enemies

ISIS is a master propagandist. They have come out with new chilling video footage of their Jihadist snipers aiming at the enemy and keeping them in their sights until they are executed. It is reminiscent of the first-person feel when playing Call of Duty. Not only are they using social media to get this out, they are using body cameras on the battlefield to get footage for their propaganda. It is highly effective and slick. This is not the first time ISIS has done this, but they get better and better at it with each production.


From the Daily Mail:

ISIS militants have released chilling footage showing their snipers killing opposition fighters as seen through their rifle sights.

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The terror group has posted a series of videos following marksmen who take lethal head shots at unsuspecting Iraqi and Syrian fighters.

Employing the slick techniques that have become the hallmark of their twisted propaganda machine, the jihadis edit the footage to give it the first-person feel used in computer game Call Of Duty.

Allah Akbar! is the calling card of these videos. Cameras are either on their bodies or heads as they go into battle. They catch brutal knife fights, shootings, bombings and other atrocities that the Jihadists are fond of. ISIS is not picky… they’ll record the death of infidels with glee, but they’ll also revel in the death of one of their own. The final moments of dying Jihadists are regularly circulated with the aim of promoting the idea that their death will lead them to obtain martyrdom and allow them to become green birds in paradise. Somewhere in there are the seven virgins and all that entails as well. Frankly, I think we should offer each and every one of them a one way ticket to hell. Free of charge.






Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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