DEVIL SPAWN! Al-Qaeda Shoots Down Fighter Pilot – What They Do Next, They MUST PAY FOR!

DEVIL SPAWN! Al-Qaeda Shoots Down Fighter Pilot – What They Do Next, They MUST PAY FOR!

Al-Qaeda militants have shot down a warplane with a surface-to-air missile and captured the pilot alive near the Syrian city of Aleppo. This is INCREDIBLE.


From the Daily Mail:

The London-based monitoring group Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said a plume of smoke was seen as the plane caught fire before it fell in the Talat al-Iss highland.

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Al-Qaeda-affiliated rebels of Jabhat al-Nusra have reportedly carried the pilot back to their headquarters. He has reportedly been named as Colonel Khaled Saeed.

The news comes as rebels have come under heavy bombardment by Syrian and Russian planes since they captured the area near Aleppo this week.

The fate of the pilot was not known nor the type of aircraft and whether it was Russian or Syrian, the British-based monitor said.

Foreign-backed rebels have long demanded anti-aircraft weapons to offset the impact of devastating aerial raids by Syrian forces and since September Russian planes, but their backers have been wary of delivering weapons that could fall into the hands of hardline groups.

A fragile ‘cessation of hostilities’ truce has held in Syria for over a month as the various parties try to negotiate an end to the five-year-old civil war.

But the truce excludes ISIS and Nusra Front, and air and land attacks by Syrian and allied forces continue in parts of Syria where the government says the groups are present.

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