DHS Gave Somali Cry-Bullies Tours of Secure Airport Facilities Off Limits to the Public

DHS Gave Somali Cry-Bullies Tours of Secure Airport Facilities Off Limits to the Public

No place is more closely associated with Islamic radicalism than the failed state Somalia. So naturally the federal government has been importing thousands of Somalis, establishing a major colony in Minneapolis. Unsurprisingly, this colony quickly became associated with jihad. So naturally the federal government took Somali immigrants on multiple tours of the sort of airport facilities they might target in terror attacks, including secure areas not open to the public. From Judicial Watch:

Judicial Watch [on Thursday] released 31 pages of records from U.S. Customs and Border Protection revealing that the Department of Homeland Security has given Somalis “community engagement tours,” including security briefings, in secured areas at least three major U.S. airports – Los Angeles, Minneapolis, and Columbus, Ohio.

The records came in response to a May 2016 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, which sought records, documents and communications regarding a “Community Engagement Tour” in Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport on February 18, 2016.

The briefings provided to the Somali groups were so sensitive that in 14 instances the agency redacted portions of the records under Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) exemption (B)(7)(e), the law-enforcement “risk circumvention” exemption…

That exemption puts off limits information that might lead to circumvention of the law if made public. But evidently Somali immigrants can be trusted not to launch terror attacks against airports, unlike the rest of us.

Tours of the secure facilities were arranged around Muslim prayer times. DHS did everything but pass out free explosives.

What precipitated this outrage against sanity? Muslim cry-bullying, as Judicial Watch reported back in August:

The Obama administration gave Somali Muslims behind-the-scenes tours at a major U.S. airport after the group complained to Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson about feeling harassed and profiled, government records obtained by Judicial Watch reveal. The special security tours not offered to any other group occurred at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport after Department of Homeland Security roundtable meetings with local Somali leaders to obtain feedback for “modifications to practices that would allow for operations to be more culturally sensitive.”

Terrorists could be excused for thinking that we have degenerated to the point of wanting them to kill us.

Apparently importing them from Somalia isn’t enough.

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