Disruption in the House of Saud

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has apparently had a stroke but reportedly will be coming to the United States for treatment of a “blood clot,” related to back surgery or back problems.:  It has not been reported where he will be treated.: : : He will be: arriving Monday.

Keeping the guise of a smooth: transition of power: is important : in the usually-secretive oil state.: :  Abdullah recently handed over control of the Saudi National Guard to his son, Prince Mutaib bin Abdullah. The King has controlled the National Guard since 1962.: : 

Saudi National Guard Chief Prince Miteb bin Abdullah
Saudi National Guard Chief Prince Miteb bin Abdullah

Abdullah spoke to the throng at the recent Hajj, for the Eid-ha holiday pilgrimage to Mecca…calling for unification of Muslims around the world, and moderation within Islam.: : : 

This time we are in need of a dialogue within the ummah to abandon divisions, ignorance and immoderation which are major obstacles in the way of Muslims achieving their aspirations,” said King Abdullah in a message to Haj pilgrims this year.

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“The terror that threatens the world is attributed to Muslims while it is caused by extremists who are outside the scope of the tolerant religion of Islam. The perpetrators of terror represent none but themselves even though they appear in the guise of Islam, which is, in fact, far away from them,” he added.

It is unusual for the King to allow photographs of himself in such a weakened state, in a wheelchair in the past 48 hours.: :  There is speculation of infighting in the monarchy.: :  See the link below about a “non-royal” possibly taking over.

The king’s half-brother,Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz, , will be taking over duties while the king is treated for a blood clot related to his back problems.:  However, Abdullah is 85 years old, reportedly has been suffering from cancer and has recently been living in Morocco.

The uncertainty: in the leadership is: of concern because a $60 billion delivery of advanced helicopters from the United States is destined for the Saudi National Guard.

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