Domestic Terrorism: Britain’s First All-Female Islamic Plot Goes Belly Up

Domestic Terrorism: Britain’s First All-Female Islamic Plot Goes Belly Up

Terrorism in Europe is, sadly, not unusual now; plots are frequently discovered, while attacks are becoming more commonplace. The new trend has been for terrorists to engage in lone-wolf style attacks, using knives or guns to attack innocent people. But a failed plot in Britain is certainly unusual, for one very specific reason: all of the terrorists were women.

Thursday, three women were accused of planning to murder “a person or persons unknown” in the country’s first-ever all female terror plot. The attack was meant to be carried out between April 11th and April 28th, but thankfully, was foiled.

The three women — Rizlaine Boular, 21, Khawla Barghouthi, 20, and Boular’s mother, Mona Dish, 43 — were believed to be plotting a knife attack in Westminster. On April 27th, Barghouthi’s house was raided, where she was arrested and Boular was shot. Dish was arrested the same day. It is believed that Boular was going to be the one to carry out the actual attack, while the other two women were going to assist her.

In their first court appearance, two of the women wore burkahs, completely covering their faces, but the judge forced them to remove their veils and show their eyes, which they did upon request.

French authorities have warned that female terror plots are on the rise. “The terrorist organization uses not only women, but young women, who get to know each other and develop their plot from a distance,” Paris Prosecutor François Molins said last year. One group of women was arrested in Paris after they were found near Notre Dame with three canisters of diesel fuel and five canisters of cooking gas in a car. Two girls were also arrested in Nice for suspected terrorism.

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