Fact-Checking Curt Schilling’s Tweet

The liberal Taliban put a dent in baseball great Curt Schilling’s broadcast career after he dared send a tweet comparing the threats of radical Islam and Nazism.


Aggressively leftist ESPN characteristically threw him off the air, although only temporarily.

Schilling disappointingly apologized for the tweet. However, he later clarified that he was apologizing for the forum he used, not for the contents of the tweet, which he continues to stand by, whether our Islamophile ruling class likes it or not.

But should he stand by it? David Cole finds some problems with the numbers.

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According to PolitiFact moonbat Jon Greenberg, 9% of Germans were members of the Nazi party. But how do you define the percentage of Muslims who take their conspicuously violent ideology seriously enough to be “extremists”?

One way might be to do a poll asking whether “suicide bombing/other violence against civilians is justified to defend Islam from its enemies,” as Pew did last year. Percentages answering yes:

Palestinian Territories: 59%
Egypt: 59%
Lebanon: 54%
Jordan: 44%
Bangladesh: 61%
Israeli Muslims: 46%
Tanzania: 45%
Malaysia: 33%

As for Muslims who have infiltrated the West, a 2206–2007 Pew study asked 18- to 29-year-olds, who commit most of the violence, whether they support suicide bombings. Positive results:

U.S.: 26%
Great Britain: 35%
France: 42%
Germany: 22%
Spain: 29%

Given the popularity of ISIS among Muslims in the West, the percentages being somewhat lower is more likely the result of taqiyya than of moderation.

If Schilling wants to apologize, it should be for understating the problem — and for letting down his fans by having anything to do with ESPN.

On a tip from David S. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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