Gary Johnson Is Glad No One Got Hurt in Most Recent Islamic Terror Attacks

Gary, please. Put the bong down:

“Tell me your reaction to these news stories from the past 24 hours, and what you think the government needs to be doing on a day like today,” CNN anchor Brian Stelter asked.

“Well, first of all, just grateful that nobody got hurt,” [Gary] Johnson answered.

Maybe the recent Islamic outreach in New York, New Jersey, and Minnesota is like Aleppo, and Johnson never heard of it. But no,

Before asking the question, the CNN anchor recapped the weekend’s events — the explosions in New York and New Jersey and the stabbing[s] in Minnesota.

Nobody got hurt?

Twenty-nine people were injured when a bomb exploded in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City, and 10 people were stabbed at a mall in St. Cloud, Minnesota.

On second thought, Gary: go back to your bong. Maybe if you smoke enough you will float off into dreamland and stop helping people to associate libertarianism with clueless liberal kooks.

All Libertarians had to do this year was nominate Austin Petersen, and given the competition, they would have had the votes to get into the presidential debates and get their message out. But then, all Republicans had to do was nominate Ted Cruz and they could have put a conservative in the White House — as if the GOP would want a conservative in the White House.

Johnson wondering if he just said something stupid again.

On a tip from Jester. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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