‘He got what he asked for’: Mayor in Ahmed Mohamed’s town SLAMS teen for his “clock”

‘He got what he asked for’: Mayor in Ahmed Mohamed’s town SLAMS teen for his “clock”

The Mayor of Irving, Texas, Beth Van Duyne, is having none of Ahmed Mohamed’s rhetoric regarding his ‘clock’ that he made, that looked like a bomb, saying that ‘he got what he asked for’ when he brought it to school.


The Muslim teenager arrested for bringing his home-made clock into school ‘got what he asked for’, local officials have said.

Beth Van Duyne, who is mayor of Irving, Texas, claimed 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed’s failure to comply with officers was the reason he was detained.

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‘In my own conversations with the police is that he was not forthcoming with information, but I just think common sense prevails,’ Mayor Duyne said according to KDFW. ‘Does it make sense? And if not, why?’

Meanwhile Texas Municipal Patrolman’s Association president Heath Wester said he believed Ahmed took the device into school as a publicity stunt.

Speaking to Rawstory, Wester said: ‘I think his intent was to see how far he could get with the device and to see what kind of alarmant he could get.

‘And as you can see now, he’s got what he asked for. He’s gotten that alarmant. He’s gotten that excitement or whatever he was trying to get. He got it.’

An image of a handcuffed Ahmed being escorted out of MacArthur High School, in Irving, went viral after teachers claimed the device ‘looked-like a bomb’.

Mayor Duyne, who previously made headlines for voicing her fears that Islamic Sharia law was coming to Dallas, said Ahmed’s family had not responded to the city’s request to have records of the incident released.

The teenager was arrested two weeks ago after he used old circuit boards and wires to create a digital clock and brought it into MacArthur High School to show his engineering teacher.

While the teacher approved, Ahmed got into trouble after the device started beeping while in an English class, and the second teacher mistook it for a bomb.

The school’s principal called police, and Ahmed says he was arrested, handcuffed and taken to juvenile detention.
Ahmed wasn’t charged – but he was suspended from school for three days.

Among the outpouring of sympathy for the boy was a message from Barack Obama inviting him to bring his clock to the White House.

The Texas high-school freshman’s parents withdrew him and his siblings from their Irving Independent School District schools last week.

Their father, Mohamed El-Hassan Mohamed, says the family is still deciding where to send the children to school.

This is perfect. Seriously, what was this kid hoping for? Looks like you got the spotlight for a second, but the negative fallout will be much longer and worse for you in the long run.

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