HORROR: ISIS Video Shows 7 Year-Old Brutally Beheading Victim

HORROR: ISIS Video Shows 7 Year-Old Brutally Beheading Victim

ISIS has released some horrifying videos, but a new video has just hit the Internet that puts their past videos to shame. It’s been bad enough to see innocent men, women and children brutally slaughtered in their propaganda videos, but this one doesn’t just show someone being beheaded — it shows children carrying out the executions.


In the video, adults are shown training in military exercises, followed by a child participating in a stoning. Then, three prisoners are shown giving their “confessions,” before the video shows an abandoned fair filled with carnival rides.

One of the victims is zip-tied to a ride and a seven year-old boy climbs up. He is handed a knife by an adult ISIS member. The child covers the victim’s eyes and then when the adult gives him the go-ahead, the child uses the knife to saw off the victim’s head. After finishing, he wipes the knife off on his shirt and then the ride spins around, with the victim’s head on the floor.

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The second victim is zip-tied to a fence, inside a mostly-empty ballpit, save for a few broken balls. A child, who looks to be around three or four years-old, is given a gun. He uses it to shoot the victim five times and then holds the gun in the air, yelling, “Allahu akbar!”

The final execution features an older child, who pushes the victim onto some train tracks. The toddler-aged child from the previous execution draws his finger across his throat before the older boy cuts the victim’s head off and then stabs him in the back.


ISIS has released some horrifying videos, but seeing them subject children to these kinds of atrocities is one of the most evil things a person could ever see. These children don’t know any better; they didn’t choose this and they’re being forced into it because of some despicable animals who need to be wiped off the face of the earth. Hopefully, Donald Trump is up for the job.

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