Ils Ne Sont Pas Charlie Hebdo

Not unless you stand up to Islam and political correctness you aren’t.

Will the butchers who attacked Charlie Hebdo win? They will if the West imposes partial sharia in the form of “religious vilification laws”:

Victoria now has absurd religious vilification laws, thanks to Labor, that were first used to punish two Christian preachers who at a seminar quoted the Koran’s teaching on jihad and — complained the judge — made their audience laugh.

Australia also has oppressive racial vilification laws which Prime Minister Tony Abbott had promised to relax but last year decided to keep, saying changing them would become a “complication” in making Muslim Australians side with the rest of us against jihadists.

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Even Tony Abbott thinks you can combat Muslim bullying by knuckling under to it. As for what Barack Hussein thinks:

The Obama administration three years ago even attacked Charlie Hebdo for publishing the naked Mohammed cartoon, saying it was “deeply offensive”.

President Barack Obama even told the United Nations “the future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam” and damned a YouTube clip “Innocence of Muslims” which did just that. The filmmaker was thrown in jail.

Not only was Mark Basseley Youssef tossed in the can on the pretext that the film violated his probation on an unrelated charge, he was absurdly blamed for the lethal attack on our Benghazi consulate — which of course was carried out by Muslim terrorists.

As for those willing to stand up to the threat posed by expansionist Islam,

When Dutch political leader Geert Wilders toured Australia to warn against the danger Islamism posed to our physical safety and our freedom, he was treated as a pariah and the protesters who pushed and heckled his audience were handed the microphone instead.

This week everyone is puffing out their chests and announcing, “Je suis Charlie Hebdo.” Yet most major media outlets still won’t publish the tepid Mohammad cartoons that Third World savages have been killing people over, because that might be “offensive” to fiends. This same media aggressively sides with Islam by spinning terror atrocities as inexplicable random acts and then puling about “Islamophobia.”

Charlie Hebdo responded to the massacre with another cover featuring a light-hearted parody of Mohammad:


The most despicable liberal establishment outfits (NY Times, NPR, BBC, CNN, NBC) won’t even publish this, despite all the “Je suis Charlie Hebdo” sentiments in the air.

Is this cowardice or political correctness? When it comes to Islam, these contemptible motivations are indistinguishable.

Terrorism won’t stop until it stops working, and it won’t stop working until we develop enough character to stop giving in to Muslims and their liberal allies and start pushing back.

Compliments of Stormfax.

On a tip from F.D.R. in Hell. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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